Yll Megi Dj

Love for the music came at his early sweet seventeen. The starting point of his career was at the RADIO TV EPZ on the island of Zakinthos, Greece. His music inspiration came from artists such as:
Little Loui Vega, Joey Negro, Moodymann, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Saint Germain, Mo’Horizons, and many many more!

He was a producer and animator of the Radio Show called “NO NAME”. During those two years he succeeded as a DJ and got his first residence at the Playboy Night Club in Zakinthos, followed by the second residency at the Cameo Club, then soon after in Athens, YllMegi started spinning at Studio Bay Queen and Dhites Club.

Something told him that he should check out the scene in his native country of Albania, which turned out to be a good decision! Downtown Tirana in the early 2000’s was the right place to be for many up and coming artists, the energy and passion was blooming for house music, giving him the experience to cooperate with most of the bars and clubs the city had to offer at the time and especially the south of Albania, where beach clubs were absolutely the favourite destination for all the party goers. He made great connections with people from neighbouring Kosovo, which led him to negotiating new gigs at Clubs, Festivals and local Radios.

Ylli is one of the most amazing & sophisticated selectors in the region for sure. His positive energy & smile complements his work superbly. From the beach party's to a high snow mountain, he's music makes sense and is a perfect fit every single time. It’s a real treat to see this man behind the booth.

He cooperated with names such as:
Radio TV EPZ (GR), Radio Travel (AL), Radio Urban FM (KS) (click to open UrbanFM), Klan Kosova TV, RTK1 TV, Hamam Jazz Bar, Dam Festival, PriFilm Festival, SkenaUp Festival, Kosovo 2.0, Prishtina Music Festival, Spray Club, Tabu Club (AL) Dolcinium Kite Surf Club, Zone Club (PR) and MHz Bar Klub!

His music style can be described as a twist of Soul, Funk, House and Electronic Disco.

In his recent years YLL MEGI had the pleasure of playing along side with some of the worlds acclaimed producers and Dj’s; to name a few:
Peter Kruder, Mike Huckaby, Eddy Ramich, David Alvarado, Orlando Voorn, Dave Mothersole, Love Birds, Tyrrell, Sabb, Gregster Brown, Genti aka Secret 47, Marien Baker, any many more!

Enjoy YLLMEGI’S mixes!